Why Are Plush Toys Still Popular Today?

They have been popular baby toys since the early 1900’s and even earlier than that. So why are they so popular today? Technology offers many more new toys but yet they are still the most popular. They enhance a child’s mind like no other toy. Why are they better than brand new state of the art educations gaming systems? The fact is that a plush is so much more than a baby toy. It’s a companion, someone to rely on and a soft cuddly friend who will always be there.

They help children learn, they help shape a good personality, good habits and even better positive attitudes. When a child bonds with a plush toy the toy can offer so much to the child. The plush toy offers so many advantages that listing them would be a tedious job.

If your child was to learn from a computerised educational learning system the chances are the system will not teach the child good mannerisms, it will not teach the child to have a positive attitude either. Yes the gaming system may stimulate the brain but the stimulus provided by a computerised toy will be minimal compared to a plush, mainly because of the limitations over a plush. ぬいぐるみ 

The average plush doesn’t stimulate a child’s mind itself, but the child finds ways to play with it which in turn stimulates the child’s mind, once a child sees a plush toy as its friend the child will then play with the plush. They may play a game called ‘house’ where a child has many of them and creates a band of friends out of them and could even have picnics with its desired teddies which in turn stimulates a child’s social skills, improving them without actually speaking to a person. As these toys do not speak language barrier is not a problem.

A child knows a plush toy cannot speak back but yet the child still talks to it as if it believes that the plush toy can hear and understand what the child is saying. Children have a natural tendency to look after a plush toy which means while a child is looking after a plush toy it will learn the basic steps which can apply to looking after a person. If you can honestly say that you never played with a plush growing up then the chances are you have probably forgotten. These have formed the majority of toys by far, they get passed down from generation to generation so even if you can’t remember, the chances are your parents gave you a plush when you were very little. Which I guarantee you played with.

While the electronic gaming systems built for education do have their place in a child’s upbringing a plush will always be the best item to give a child as a plush toy teaches a child the basic principles of many things in which the child will build up on over time forming the basic skills needed to live in society. Plush toys can be personified as humans which is why children can connect to them, whereas a child cannot form that sort of bond with a gaming system. This is why they will always be the best toy to give a child.



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