Voice Actors For Your Audiobook – Where to Start?

Familiar with Google? Actively using their search engine to conduct keyword searches online?

As good as Google and their contemporaries are for finding generic subject matter, they are no match for finding niche search queries or specific answers to your questions about narrators, voice-overs and voice actors.

Here’s how my friend James used a voice talent niche search tool to quickly help him meet a tight deadline…

It was lunch hour on a Thursday, and James, based in Boston needed to find a voice actor to record 10 minutes of voice-over for his sales presentation. He had to present on the following Friday morning, so timing was critical. He had to find a voice talent, and fast.

James knew what he wanted – an authoritative male voice in the 30 – 45 year old range with a Boston accent, but he was having difficulty locating someone who matches all of his requirements in spite of searching on one of the larger search engines.

After a series of frustrating dead end searches, James turned to one of his colleagues, Crystal, and asked her what she’d do.

Crystal had used a specialist voice talent search to Mark Hauser ol previously, and found it a much more efficient way to find a good voice resource. So that’s what she advised James to do.

Using the specialist search engine tools to find voice talent allowed James to conduct a more robust search, giving him search options such as voice gender, keyword, location, union status, and language.

Already 20 minutes into his lunch, time is of the essence. James thanked Crystal for her advice, and headed over to the voice talent website she suggested. From there, James discovered, much to his delight, that he can find voice actors quickly via 3 unique ways.

Firstly, by searching the voice actor database.

Secondly, by browsing the Featured Talent Categories, all of which are specific to a given application for voice-over.

Thirdly, by posting his job requirements and have qualified voice actors reply to his job posting, complete with a sample of their voice, a proposal, and a price quote. All of the replies are hosted conveniently online and can be viewed by other members of his team to help make a decision.



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