Types of Body Hair Trimmers and Male Grooming Tools of the Trade

Nowadays, the use of a body hair trimmer for shaving, trimming and styling hair below the neck is becoming part and parcel of a personal grooming regimen for an increasing number of men. Indeed, a personal trimmer is must-have for any man – or woman, for that matter. However, there are several kinds of trimmers available in the market today. The trick is in knowing which type to use on what body part as well as in when and how to use it.

Types of Tools

Let’s first discuss the types of tools used in body grooming, of which a body hair trimmer is a general category of these tools. The most common are:

    • Razor is used to shave the head and face hair. It should not be used to “trim” body hair because you have an increased risk for skin injuries. It is not usually designed with body shaving in mind, from its handles to its blades.


    • Electric hair clipper is used to cut both head and body hair to variable lengths, which will depend on the setting.


  • Nose hair trimmer has a flat, circular and yet still safe blade that allows for effective cutting of nose hair. Trimming nose hair is an important part of male grooming just as trimming hair on your chest and nether regions.


Get each type of body hair trimmer mentioned above just so you will have the right tools to do the right job. Let’s then start with the head going down to the nether regions. balls trimmer 


For the head, a head razor is the best tool for the job although a body hair trimmer with the right settings will also work. Just make sure that the manufacturer provides for the instructions for the latter purpose. If you want a clean-shaven look, you must shave your head every 1 to 3 days.


Aside from the body hair trimmer, one of the most important tools in your male grooming arsenal is the best nose hair trimmer that your money can buy. The reason is obvious: Tendrils of hair peeking ever so obviously from your nostrils are such a turn-off! However, go easy on the trimming process as nose hair has a functional purpose – to prevent dirt and dust from entering your mucous membranes with impunity. Just squeeze your nose and any hair that peeks out should be trimmed; leave the others alone.


The typical personal grooming tool should ideally be used below the neck including the chest area. The general rule is that the hair growth on the neck should not be more than 1/4 inch thick so it is best to shave every 2 weeks. You should trim from your neck’s base, move carefully upward with short movements and then trim off any stray hair, when necessary.

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