Should You Buy the xiaomi Redmi Note 10S?


When it comes down to the specifics and in hand feel of both phones, there really is no major difference between the Note 10S and the Note 10. They both share the same overall size and weight; they both feel solid and light. However, their similarities end there. Although the specs sheet states that both phones finish off at approximately the same screen and battery life capacity, performance is quite divergent. The Note 10S manages to squeak out an advantage thanks to its larger and higher pixel rating. redmi note 10s

On paper, the Note 10S has a bigger battery life than its sibling. However, it does not quite reach the same level as the iPhone or Android phones. The Note’s battery life is mediocre to poor depending on use. While the phone does not have the wow-factor that the other devices do, it does have enough power to run most basic apps and do basic internet functions. The Note does not pack a huge list of features or attractive design, but if you are going to base performance based on its battery life, the redmi note 10s phones win hands down.

Camera Performance The camera on the Redmi Note 10S is also a disappointment. It does not record videos in high definition, as it does with the iPhone and Android phones, but it does let you take pictures in normal, decent quality. There are a few drawbacks to the phone’s camera performance, such as a tendency to take pictures in lower light than you would expect, but you can save these by adjusting the white balance settings. You can also tap the screen to focus a photo or use the virtual keyboard to compose a text message. In short, the Note’s camera lacks some of the cool tools that the other phones have.

Speakers and speakerphone The battery life on the Redmi Note 10S makes it an excellent choice for people who want a nice phone with plenty of features. On the other hand, the lack of standout features and great sound quality make it just as functional as many other phones with similar capabilities. The earphones on this phone do not work particularly well, unfortunately. They tend to produce only a low-quality sound, which can be annoying at times.

Software Experience A good software experience is what turns average phones into great ones. Fortunately, the Redmi Note 10S has a slew of great software options, including the Flipboard, Foursense, Ticker, Hybrid Shopping, and plenty of individual apps. Some of these, like the Flipboard, are exclusive to this phone and cannot be downloaded from any other carrier. Others, like Foursense, are common options on other smartphones. And the Mediatek Helio G95 keyboard is probably the best we’ve seen on any smartphone.

Overall, this isn’t your ordinary midrange smartphone. It has everything you’d expect out of a high-end device, but it lacks some of the bells and whistles that may appeal to a different sort of audience. The downside is that the battery capacity is a little short. That might not matter as much if you’re already a customer of xiaomi redmi note 10s, but you should definitely check out the prices online if you don’t want to buy these phones elsewhere.

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