SFIC-Lock Cores for Door Locks

SFIC stands for “Small Format Interchangeable Core.” These cores go into special “Lock Sets” that are designed to accept all SFIC cores built to the SFIC standard. The lock set is the lever lock, knob lock or deadbolt lock found on most doors. The lock core is interchangeable; meaning that cores from different manufacturers can fit the same lock set. The Core is installed or removed from the lock set by using a “Control Key”. So “Re-Keying a lock is a simple as changing the SFIC lock no locksmith needed. In this article I will discuss the SFIC lock core and not the lock set. I will give examples of some of the most common cores and their highlights.

Arrow SFIC Lock Core

The Arrow SFIC lock is manufactured to give maximum flexibility and keying options. This core is available in either 6 or 7 pin designs. They are available in either the Arrow restricted keyways or competitive keyways such as Best. The lock core is constructed out of solid brass with a reinforced sleeve design. The faceplate is available in two of the most popular finishes US26D or US4.


  • Available in competitive keyways such as Best®.
  • Manufactured of solid brass.
  • Available in either 6 0r 7 pin format.
  • Restricted Arrow keys available.
  • Faceplate available in either US26D or US4.


Keymark x4 Lock Core

The Keymark x4 is a patented lock core that provides key control and large master systems capabilities. This lock core is available in either 6 or 7 pin formats. Fits all standard SFIC lock sets and is available in 13 architectural finishes. The Keymark x4 utilizes the standard A2 pinning system with a bitted slider bar for maximum master keying capabilities. All keys carry a lifetime warranty against breakage. china smart lock


  • Patented protection.
  • Maximum master keying capabilities.
  • Available in either 6 or 7 pin formats.
  • Available in 13 architectural finishes.
  • Lifetime warranty on keys.


NexGen XT Lock Core

The NexGen XT is an electronic SFIC replacement for the traditional mechanical locks. Constructed with a stainless steel shell it is designed to fit standard SFIC lock sets. The NexGen does not need any hard wiring, as all power to operate the lock is supplied by the rechargeable key. All programming is done at the key and there are web and mobile options available. Software can provide access control and audit capabilities.

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