How And Why Agar Skins Became Popular

When I was a little boy my idea of fun was playing with my friends outside all kinds of games like football, basketball, volleyball and all kind of other sports. Back then we didn’t have computers, but it did have them I am sure that everyone will do the same and that is playing online games. In the era of the computers, the generations that were born in this era in my opinion had a more fun childhood that our generations, but that doesn’t mean that the older generations can’t play online games like the younger generations.

Arena Boost, A recent study has shown that the newest top growing game agar.io is more played by people who are over the age of 18 than the ones that this game was meant for. Agar.io is a game that is mostly for people of 15 to 30 years, but it seems like the older you are the more you understand this game. Agar.io has a very interesting story of how it became so popular in the online world, they have managed to grow their company in just 2 months. How did they do that?

Agar Skins

The first that you need to know about agar is that they have a very good marketing team that has proven that they can advertise anything. The campaign started to grow very rapidly when they released the agar.io skins which was the best move that they could do at that time. With the release of the first category of skins from the agar.io skins the national flags, the players were hooked instantly when they got the opportunity to play and represent their country. The first skin that was published in the national flag skins category was the Brazil skin which is the current most used skin on this game.

The Reddit Skin

One of the most important things for the advertising of agar.io was reddit. Reddit played a key role in promoting the agar.io game, so in order to be grateful for the love and support that Reddit provided to agar.io they decided to add a Reddit skin to the agar.io skins group, but in a different category. Te Reddit skin was the first of it’s kind, after the Reddit skin was made the brand skins category was born where every famous brand has it’s own skin in this game.

The Putin Skin

One of the most shocking elements happened when the marketing team published some skins that were never seen before in the game, but were very attractive. After publishing all of those national flag skins and brand skins the team wanted to add another category to increase the popularity of the game and the agar.io skins and what they made was brilliant. One of the team members had this idea to put the current president of Russia as a skin for the game the other looked at him as crazy, but after a while they figured it that a great potential is in this project. And they were 100% right the release of the politicians skins was the best thing that could happened to agar.io as a company they now have over 15 million searches on Google every single month because of the agar.io skins.

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