Easy Tips to Revamp Your Cosy Bathroom

After a long haul tiring day, the ultimate way to beat stress would be to soak in a tub full of warm water or relaxing under a steamy shower. Your bathroom is irrefutably a sought after retreat from the everyday stresses of life. Therefore, it only makes sense to pay a little extra attention when it comes to revamping your bathroom. You do not have to splurge exorbitant sums of money in renovating the bathroom; by simply conducting some basic research, you can come up with interesting out-of-the-box ideas to reface your bathroom, without breaking the bank. Whether you are looking to make minor modifications to your existing bathroom or build a new bathroom from scratch, compiled in this article are simple bathroom renovation tips for small bathrooms.

Keep it simple

When you design a small bathroom, keep it in minimalistic mode, which is very much in vogue today. Minimalist design will make your bathroom look spacious, elegant and stylish. Play with neutral tones that are soft and soothing. Standard colour tones like black and white are playing safe; you do not want your bathroom to be a photocopy of thousand others. Steer clear from black and white combinations. Rather, introduce new palettes, preferably shades that influence your mood in a positive way. Use faucets that are sleek, stylish and functional blending with theme of your bathroom. Keep the bathroom designs simple and clutter free. bathroom renovation nj

Bathroom mirrors

Using mirrors are the oldest trick in the book to make small rooms appear larger. Create the illusion of space in tiny bathrooms with the inclusion of mirrors. Mount mirrors along the wall, over the sink, as shower doors to visually open up the space. Never-ending mirrored bathroom theme will blend well with gray or porcelain tiles.


Sheer magic can be created by incorporating appropriate lighting systems in the bathroom. Consider the existing theme and style of your bathroom before making any choices. Dimmer lights will have a softening effect on the bathroom, creating the perfect mood for a rejuvenating soak, whereas incandescent lights over the vanity will define the look of your bathroom. Windows are a necessary feature of a modern bathroom.

Pedestal sink

If your bathroom is of a smaller size, a pedestal sink will be a feasible option, instead of a vanity. Pedestal sinks are typically made from porcelains, with a column shaped bottom and a sink placed on the top. Their small size makes them an ideal choice for small bathrooms. Pedestals are not only highly functional, but also greatly contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom.



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