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Ah, impetuous Aries! You might feel like you can conquer the world but don’t try it yet. Even though you have all the energy and ideas ready for action, the month of April isn’t the time to forge ahead. You’ve been under a bit of a black cloud when it comes to luck this year and it’s still there. Near the end of the month, you’ll notice a ray of sunshine. While April won’t transcend you into the lucky sunshine, it’s coming next month. Be patient, something that’s simply not in your nature. 8888 meaning

You need to be a little careful this month. Things have moved slowly for you this year and you’re itching to make things happen in your career. While the entrance of five planets and a new moon in your sun sign gives you a true boost of energy around April 2-4, it’s not time yet to make any rash moves. Use the extra energy to check your facts and get your “ducks in a row” before you take any action. Double check your math and entries on your taxes or file for an extension if you’re planning to turn them in on the 15th. You’ll probably find a costly error if don’t go over them with a fine-tooth comb.

You’ll begin enjoying social settings more but still have the problem of tripping over your tongue during the month of April. By mid month, you’ll notice more people are listening and following your advice. Watch your words closely at this time; they can get you into trouble.

Be careful with your health the whole month. Even though Mars is in your sun sign and you’ll be bursting with energy, you’ll find that the lack of sleep leaves you on fertile ground for accidents and mishaps. Don’t forget to stick with your health regimen regardless of how great you feel or you’ll end up fighting those chronic health conditions again in May. Instead of burning up that energy with a useless activity and tossing out the diet, consider taking up a new sport and creating a new health regimen. You’ll find the plans you lay this month can keep you either in the pink or at the doctor’s office. Make sure they are healthy additions so you don’t have unwanted visits to your physician.

While you’re normally outgoing, this year has been a quiet one socially. That’s all about to change around the 17th when the full moon is in Sagittarius. This astrological movement brings more luck in the area of relationships. You’ll find new people entering your life with a huge increase in interesting relationships. Don’t forget to include your spouse or old friends in the celebrations. Even though the new relationships seem to attract you more with their sparkle, you’ll end up losing old friends and causing marital strife if you forget those closest to you at this time. Remember dear Aries, new isn’t always better, it’s simply new.

April 2011 is new birth for Aries and yet a time to keep changes at a minimum. After this month, you’ll have ample luck, time and a clearer mind to make any changes. The watchwords for April are energy and caution.


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